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For the first time user, select 'Start Protecting Your Business' on the home page. You will be asked to pick one of three options that best describes your situation, once you've selected the most appropriate click 'Start'. You will then be asked to answer seven predefined questions. As you answer each question a useful tip will appear providing relevant information. Upon completing the seven questions you will come to the 'Your Overview' page. This page shows you how many of the questions you've answered in each of the seven categories. You will also see which areas you might want to spend more time on, in an effort to improve your security measures. From the 'Your Overview' page you can visit the different sections by clicking on the 'Visit Section' text on the right where you will be able to answer all of the questions relating to that section.

Alternatively, we can select another seven questions for you when you click on the 'Answer another 7 questions' text on the left side of the screen.

At the bottom of the 'Your Overview' page you will find guidance notes that have been selected for you based on the questions you've answered so far. These are PDF documents which can be viewed online or downloaded and printed. You are able to view and download all of the guidance notes, even those which have not been prioritized for you.

On the 'Your Overview' page you can save your progress to allow you to return to the tool at a later date. On this page you can also set a reminder for yourself which prompts us to send you an email on a date you select.


Developed as part of the Design Out Crime programme, the tool is based on 63 questions written by Professor Martin Gill of the Perpetuity Group. The tool allows businesses to self-assess their risks to crime and to consider their current crime prevention activities. User research conducted by Sense Worldwide was used to design the tool with the end user in mind. A+B Studio designed the user interface and worked with Professor Martin Gill to prioritize the questions allowing for business owners to focus quickly identify opportunities for improving their security.

The Design Out Crime programme is an initiative of the Home Office's Design and Technology Alliance Against Crime and the Design Council.


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